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 Fire, Flood, and Disaster Restoration Services in Metro Detroit


Professional Restoration Group [PRG] is a full-service recovery company that also partners with remediation services to provide clients with complete disaster recovery and restoration solutions. What sets PRG apart is the ability to perform emergency recovery services combined with post-emergency re-building, backed by over 25 years of Johnson Custom Homes custom home design and construction. Homeowners – and insurance companies – can save time dealing with a single source supplier for recovery from a casualty loss. One that can move quickly to not only restore the damaged area, but renew it – make it better than it was before.

PRG team members have certification, or are:
  • IICRC Smoke and Water
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Trade partners and approved by all major insurance carriers

Residential Home Owners

It happens. Life interrupted by water, wind, or fire. Should the unexpected and unfortunate happen your first concern must be with eliminating the cause and eradicating the effects. But, as recovery evolves, restoration becomes the focus. It’s at this point that go-forward design and build decisions are made: should you refresh and renew, or re-design and rebuild? For some, the goal is simply to make new what was damaged, but for others it’s an opportunity to make what was damaged different and better than before.

That’s why it helps to have a recovery firm that is also an experienced quality home builder: knowing that no matter how extensive the restoration and renovation might be, PRG experts have access to an experienced team of designers and trades. So, once the nightmare is over, the dream of a new space can begin. With a company that knows how to both fix the emergency, and renew the space.

Commercial Property Owners

Your business – or your tenant’s business- depend on a fast and comprehensive recovery from a casualty loss. Trying to manage an insurance company, a remediation company, and a builder takes time, and time is money. PRG not only offers immediate 24/7 response to a water, wind, or fire loss, but can immediately work with your insurer to start the restoration process. Plus, you might take the opportunity to re-design or upgrade your commercial space, so working with a licensed Michigan custom builder can make the process easier, faster, and even more cost efficient.

So, once the emergency is addressed don’t settle for restoration. Refresh and renew your property with PRG and Johnson Custom Homes.

“Our office has worked with restoration companies across the United States.
We have NEVER worked with a company that cares as much as PRG.
Their attention to detail is unmatched in the restoration industry.
We love sending business to them because we know our insureds will be
happy and taken care of. They are simply the best.”
Kurt Ieuter, CPCU Ieuter Insurance Group

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